Foundation Engagement Session

when 5th April 2013 (Friday)
where: D6 , Pocket D
Speaker: Dr. Zuhar Zahir 
time: 10am

Dr Zuhar is our very own Professor in Petroleum Geoscience and he is a very experienced lecturer who has contributed a lot to the course that you will be undertaking in your Undergraduate Studies.

Take an hour of your time and meet him face to face as he will share more about PGS. Don't miss the chance to meet and speak to him about your future! 

  • Is oil & gas running out?
  • What do a geoscientist do?
  • What majors are there in Petroleum geoscience degree?
  • Possible income in the future? ***u can try asking***
  • etc etc etc.
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We went, we conquer and ..

We are back from Mount Kinabalu!

As fellow geoscientist of Malaysia, we all know that Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in our country. Standing at ~4094m, it is about half of Everest, 20 times the depth of water in the Malay basin and one third of the depth of sediments in it.
Alright.. compared to Everest or the Mariana Trench, it might not be as fascinating but put it in simpler words; you still need a good stamina and more layers if you want to go up there.

Quick facts on Mount Kinabalu:
Kinabalu's name is still a mystery and most popular view derives from the Kadazan words, Aki Nabalu, meaning 'the revered place of the dead'. The Kadazandusuns believe that their spirits dwell on the mountain top.
CLick on the link to find out more, or just google Mount Kinabalu.

We share with you some of our Geoscientist's adventure!

You know what rocks made up of Mount Kinabalu?
Ever wonder why are the rocks sheet like? or how long ago does it's geological history trace to?

Mount Kinabalu is a granite plutonic intrusion below sedimentary rocks and its history traces back to late Eocene. It is very closely related to the regional tectonic deformation of the time- the subduction of the Rajang sea. 

Kinabalu park houses much variety of tropical and low hill species. It is under wildlife protection. 

We'll find a sunrise photos to upload soon! Check out GeoInsight Bulletin in the future to Read more!

Let's MEET up

Happy 2nd day of Ramadhan to all our muslim friends and Happy saturday to all!

AAPG UTP Student Chapter is holding our Family Day on Ramadhan this semester! Therefore, all are welcome to berbuka puasa with us! Here is our poster and make sure you come dressed handsomely for  one of our celebrated events!

GEOINSIGHT Bulletin Issue 2, May 1, 2012

AAPG-UTP-SC Bulletin Second Issue is now available to download.
Please click this link:


a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to both winners !!

1. Petroleum Geoscience Short Essay Contest 

Faridah Hanim Abu Bakar 

(2nd year, 1st Semester) 
Title of essay: Seeing the Unseen

2. Geology Photographic Contest 

  Zainal Azimudin Bin Zainal Abidin 

(3rd yr, 2nd Semester)
Title: Stalactite 

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